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laura van gilder

Mellow Mushroom/Blue Bikes-Road and C3/Athletes Serving Athletes - Cyclocross

2009, 2010 Cyclocross World’s Team Member
2006, 2002 NRC Champion
2005 World’s Road Team Member
2000 Nat’l. Criterium Champ

“I have known Bill since I began racing and he has always provided a solid sounding board for me in regard to my training, racing, and psychological preparation for competition. He is able to accurately assess my training and help me focus it to achieve my goals. He has an excellent ability to juggle training with athlete’s jobs, families, and life obligations. He’s also a great communicator who has an ability to work well with cyclists of all levels. His extensive experience makes him a solid fit as a coach to any cyclist.”

matt shriver

Former pro with Jittery Joe’s Cycling Team; 2009 USA Cyclocross Worlds Team member; 2 Time Winner, Tour de Delta and BC Superweek; Team Liaison Trek Bikes.

"Bill's years of training and racing experience were a key component in my success as professional cycling racing in the US.  Bill doesn't just hand you a program and set you off on your own.  He gets to know you and understand you as a person and works with your individual goals.  Not only does he take into account your strengths and weaknesses, but he develops a program that is based on your lifestyle and personality. Bill helped guide me through some of the toughest stage races in the country and was there for me when the going was tough. Through great communication, we developed training programs that worked specifically for me to help me accomplish my goals in the Tour de Georgia, US Pro Road and Crit Nationals among others. I can honestly attribute much of my success as a professional to Bill's expertise. 

Matt swiatek

Cat 2, Road, Team Lion of Flanders. 

"Working with Bill has given my training a whole new direction and structure. I have a clearly laid out plan for the offseason, and I know what direction my training is going. Not only do know where it's going, but I have a firm grasp of the reasoning behind it. Bill doesn't just design my training plan; he also takes the time to explain its significance in every phase. He takes into consideration my personal life and work schedule, which optimizes my training fully. And when things change, he adapts my schedule. I know I can call him or email him at any time to help make changes.  And since he's local, I have the benefit of training with Bill at times too. I fell my off season preparations are coming along better than ever before and I am looking forward to hitting the season hard. Bill knows my goals for the coming season and has built my training plan around them to help me accomplish them and I am confident I will."

Joan Hanscom

Cat 3, Age 49, Colorado Springs - USA Cycling VP of Event Services, former Race Director USGP and Louisville 2013 Cx World Championships.

“I've worked with Bill for many years now.  He's stuck with me through job changes, moves across country and pretty devastating injuries - but he never gave up on me and honestly kept me in the game.  After a couple of really brutal seasons due to life catching up with me, we've been super focused and I am headed into 2018 feeling fitter than I've been in years and hungry to race.  I’ve been super impressed with his communication and how well he is able to constantly adapt my training to my progress.  Most importantly - for me anyway - is how he has paid attention to me as a whole athlete -- it’s not just training intervals but mentally too. I love the completeness of his approach.”

Joe carew

Age 45, Cat 3, Milford, NJ:  

“Got my Cat 3 upgrade today.  Couldn't have done it without you showing me how to train and race. Thank you !”

Gabe Lloyd

XO Communications Category 1 Road, Category 1 Cyclocross, Cat 4 Track

“I started working with Bill as a frustrated USCF Category 3 racer with a tendency to overtrain. Bill’s easy going and open attitude quickly allowed me to relate to him and trust his training regiments. What has become invaluable to me as an aspiring racer are two of Bill’s best assets. Firstly, his ability to put every training ride, recovery session, mental set-back, mental exhilaration and every race into perspective. Secondly, the race tactics that Bill instills are pertinent and suited to me- my style of racing, not his. This ability to be objective in these two forums has truly propelled my development as a rider, and I look forward to continuing with Bill as my coach for 2012.”


Dear Bill.

I want to thank you for the tremendous guidance you offered me as I prepared for my three (3) big rides this spring, As you know, I started off the spring with the Hell of Hunterdon, then the NYC Gran Fondo (110 miles and 8,800 ft of climbing) in late May. I just got back from the Ride the Rockies six (6) day event, which covered 442 miles and over 25,000 feet of climbing. Every event, along with your structured training got me more prepared for the next. 

I can say without a doubt that your training program over the past 4 months had me extremely prepared. There is no way I could have had the strength or condition to do these events without your coaching.  In addition, the advice you gave me regarding rest, nutrition and hydration got me through the 6 consecutive day ride feeling fresh and ready to go every morning. 

Thank you so much for your help and I look forward to working with you again!

Alex Roberts

That warm-up lap with you was a huge help. I watched you over the barriers and I can instantly see where I'm giving up handfuls of time. Seeing the best lines. Huge! Thanks! I knew I wanted to do well but never expected to do this well. My teammate says I have fitness "from another planet". Thanks again! I couldn't have come this far without your insight and guidance

Gary Snyder

I've been working towards this since I got back on a bike about 6 yrs ago and have had my sights set on the Greenbrier race since last year. I never thought I'd win a race when I started a few yrs ago, so it feels pretty good tonight.  Thanks for your help along the way. Reached one goal early this season and now looking to win more races, to win the series, and to do well at nationals. Doing well this yr will officially kick me into cat 2 next yr. Thanks again.