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Elliston Coaching

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Elliston Coaching is pleased to present our very own kit.   Developed in conjunction with the talented professionals from Verge Sport, we've created both a standard and summer jersey as welll as a full range of other great riding gear to have you looking fast and fit whether racing or training.  All items are available individual orders on an on-going basis.   Please contact me for more information on ordering. 

Bib shorts: $90
SS jersey (regular or summer):$70
LS jersey: $85
Vests: $89-109 (depending on style)
Jackets: $110-140 (depending on style)
Skinsuits: $120-160 (depending on style)
Bib tights: $140
*note shipping not included in these prices.

Additional riding accessories such as arm and leg warmers, hats, caps and gloves availble upon request.