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Van Dessel Sports is a New Jersey based, athlete owned and operated bike manufacturer. In an industry generally dominated by large companies, owner Edwin Bull has built a reputation as a solid player. He has collaborated with some of the US, and the worlds, best athletes in the design of several of his bikes and as a result, all his bikes are near the top of their respective categories.  His Hellafaster won the 2008 Bike Of The Year Award, and the Gin and Trombones has seen rave reviews and is one the most sought after cyclocross bikes on the market.  

Additionally, as they are a frame company, you have the luxury of creating the custom build of your choice.  No more settling for what parts happen to come with a bike. You get to pick every single component to your size and spec and create your very own dream bike.  And you get the peace of mind of being on one of the best bikes available for some of the best pricing in the industry.

Van Dessel has it’s headquarters in Mendham NJ where you can stop by and take a look at their full line of frames and bikes. They can be contacted at [email protected] or 866.835.5454  Follow them on Twitter @Van_Dessel

* Van Dessel offers 15% discount to EC clients. Contact [email protected]  for more info.

Revolution Wheelworks is  dedicated to bucking the trend of traditionally high priced wheels by offering all the same qualities and more, but at prices “for the people”.

Founders Jonathan and Andrew are staples of the Philadelphia cycling community.  Their passion for the technical aspects of cycling, as well as their true love of all aspects of the sport, led them to create the best wheels they could, but at a price that was affordable. With Revolution Wheels, they have brought every element you would look for in wheels all to one place: light weight, aerodynamics, strength, stiffness, reliability, easy serviceability, and incredibly affordable prices are the standard on every set of wheels they offer. To further ensure the quality of their products, every set of wheels they produce are completely hand built.

Currently they offer several models of wheels, from racing to training, road to cross, aluminum to carbon, clincher to tubular. All wheels are hand built and come in at under 1550 grams.  Additionally, they can custom build Power Tap wheels, laced to the Power Tap hub of your choice. 

Revolution Wheelworks is located in the Philadelphia suburb of Wynnewood.  They can be contacted at [email protected]  or 610.203.4247   Follow them on Twitter @REVWW

  • Revolution Wheelworks offers 10% discount to EC clients. Contact [email protected]  for more info. is an elite equipment rental source, and has been with Elliston Coaching since its inception.

Gabe Lloyd started when frustrated by the ability for the average rider to be able to compete on top of the line wheels. The unique online business affords anyone the opportunity to ride and race of the best wheels available for a mere fraction of the cost of purchasing price. caters to all aspects of cycling from road and track to cyclocross and triathlons.  They have a huge inventory available to renters, so virtually any wheel you want, they likely have.  They also have the knowledge to help customers make the very best choice for their needs, guaranteeing a great experience. 

Not only do they have a huge stock and the knowledge of what wheels perform best for certain events, but they’ve also created a virtually seamless process for the renter. Simply contact reserve your wheels online and your order will be shipped directly to their shop affiliate near you; race them; either return them directly to the shop where you picked them up. It really is that easy to get yourself on a top of the line set of wheels for your next event without the cost of purchasing.

Contact through their website or via [email protected] /347.404.5315  and follow them on Twitter

  • offers 10% discount to EC clients. Contact [email protected]  for more info.

One day a guy named Enzo, a passionate endurance athlete, bicycle racer and entrepreneur, had an idea: create a superior chamois cream for a lower cost. High quality chamois creams were overpriced and value brands were made of crummy, often irritating ingredients with average performance. So he set out to develop the best quality chamois cream for the price of the value brand.

The products

The result was Enzo’s ButtonHole Chamois Cream—a skin and chamois cream designed to increase a cyclists’ ride quality in the saddle by eliminating the potential of chafing and the prevention of saddle sore development and out of the saddle works to eliminate existing saddle sores through use as a salve when sleeping or not riding.

The line expanded with the addition of Embro Sticks, developed with the same philosophy and attention to quality ingredients—available in Regular (no heat), Medium (45-55º F), and Hot (30-44º F).

Chamois Cream: Utilizing the highest quality chamois cream ingredients, we have engineered Enzo’s ButtonHole Chamois Cream to reduce friction, inflammation and other sensations that make the button angry. The longer the button can stay on the saddle, the happier you and the button will be.

Embrocation:  Who doesn’t love options? Better yet, color-coded options! Enzo’s Embrocation Sticks give you something for every riding season. The Yellow Oil Stick doesn’t contain any heat and is recommended for warmer temps, from 56F and above. The Orange (Medium) Embro Stick has a touch of heat and is for cooler temps, from the mid-50sF to mid-40sF. The Red (Hot) Embro Stick has the highest heat level and is for cold temps, from the low 40sF to 30F.

Enzo's Cycling Products offers 20% discount for Elliston Coaching clients.  Contact Bill at [email protected] for information on ordering.

Osmo Nutrition is a new company in the sports drink mix market but the science behind it is anything but - cutting edge science that is peer-reviewed.  Based in Fairfax, California, Osmo Chief research officer Dr Stacy Sims MSc, PhD has spent a decade in the lab and field testing with athletes, to formulate the Osmo system, which has been proven to work - with Olympic medalists, professional triathletes and race car drivers. 

Dr Sims has taken a more in-depth approach to hydration and recovery and developed products tailored to an athletes' exercise cycle. Two are geared for hydration: pre-workout and during. And two are geared for recovery: immediate and overnight. Made with natural and organic ingredients, Osmo Nutrition is the most advanced hydration and recovery system available.

To find more about Osmo Nutrition, you can visit their website at
And for details on the exact science behind Dr Sims approach, you can watch and listen to video links for each specific mix at

You can also follow them on Facebook at Osmo Nutrition, and on Twitter at @osmonutrition

Osmo Nutrition offers a  10% discount to EC clients. Contact [email protected]  for more info.
Paincave is designed to help athletes of all abilities break through to the next level of performance. Understanding that the intense workouts needed to achieve these improvements can be daunting and difficult to complete by yourself, Paincave is the interactive way to help you navigate that road. 

Every segment of Paincave offers highly structured workouts, led by a knowledge staff consisting of coaches and elite cyclists, and in time with coverage of some of the worlds biggest events, in order to help motivate you and get you through these workouts properly. 

From a coaching perspective, knowing that often times indoor workouts are the best way to stay motivated, maximize time, and make substantial gains, Elliston Coaching is proud to be able to offer clients discounts to Paincave for the times when that motivation and guidance is needed. And I can more than attest to their value, having worked with the Paincave staff in putting together many of their episodes. 

For more information on Paincave, visit their website at

*Paincave offers 15% discount to EC clients. Contact [email protected] for more info